About Zambia

Zambia lies in southern Africa. It’s a landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife. It is home to the famed Victoria Falls – indigenously called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or "Smoke That Thunders”. It is also rich in natural resources, with a record of being the second largest producer of copper in Africa.

Zambia has an estimated population of 17 Million people consisting of 72 ethnic groups with a wide culture diversity. Unlike the rest of Africa there has never been tribal animosity or a civil war in Zambia.

Despite its economic and social hardships, Zambia is still widely considered to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming nations in the world. 

Our history

In 1999 Joachim Schiffer from Germany came to Zambia as a volunteer. During his stay he heard of five orphans in a compound in Lusaka that needed support and took them into his own home. In 2003 he bought a piece of land with an unfinished house. He had a vision and ambitions to build a farm and a orphanage on the property. With the help of sponsors from Switzerland and Germany he's been able to make this dream reality which is the Care for Kids Farm today.

Who we are

Care for Kids Farm is an Orphanage in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia in central Africa.

Located on a 10 acre farm where 50 kids live between the ages of five and twenty years old.

Here we have cows that we milk, chickens that lay eggs, pigs and sheep for consumption and vegetables and fruits that grow in our garden.

On the premises we have a primary school from Kindergarten to 7th grade. After that the older children attend the nearest public schools.

What we do

We take in and care for kids who are orphans or come from neglected and unprivileged backgrounds.  Some of them are brought to the farm by the police who find them roaming the streets alone without a traceable background and unidentified. Others are brought in by the ministry of child welfare, while others have guardians who don't have the means to support them. On arrival the kids are often malnourished and unable to speak english, which is the national language in Zambia. Most have never been to school before.

The Care for Kids Farm has now become their home and they live here like one big family. We have caregivers “Mothers” and teachers to take care of them. Here we try to meet their daily and basic needs by providing good nourishment and education.

We also support vulnerable families by admitting their children into our school, as well as work hand in hand with other organizations and schools within our community. 

What we want

We want to see the children achieve their highest potential in life and help them exploit their talents to their greatest ability be it through academics, sports or life skills. Our hope is that later, our children will be a positive influence on their country. 

What's new

September 2017, we had some visitors from Germany that were helping out in the scholastic area at our school.

                                       two of our kids James and Ruth both received medals at there schools. Ruth for the best academic progress and James for the most outstanding personality.

May 2017, we've opened a new school so we've had to hire a few new teachers.

April 2017, we made space for a library where the children can do homework in the evening.

March 2017, we started renovating two containers to make them into a school.

How you can help 


We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their services. To make a difference, one needs to stay for at least two months. We only provide accommodation at the farm. All other costs are self sponsored. 

We need:

  • Teachers who can guide and train local teachers
  • Social counselors for the kids
  • Sports coach
  • Teach life skills: IT, carpentry, seamstress...

Education fund:

Our children go to public school from the 8th to 12th grade. For each child we pay a minimum of 400 US $ per year. When they reach university we pay 1500 US $ per semester. 

We need people to partner with us, to enable us to give these children a better education so they can help build up this country. You are welcome to donate financial aid, computers or any other educational materials. 

We are thankful for every person that's interested in making a difference in which ever way.

For more details and information please feel free to contact us directly.

Welcome on board :) !

Bank details:

Joachim Schiffer

IBAN: DE85 2905 0101 0012 2354 46


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Joachim Schiffer

Founder orphanage director

Thandiwe Nyati

Managing director

Our teachers

Our helping hands and caregivers